Dreamy days in Dalvikurbyggd

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What do we have to offer?
Enjoy the summer with us! 


 1. Hótel Dalvík in Dalvík is a comfortable hotel with a wonderful view over the town and nearby mountains. The Swimming pool is only 600m from the hotel. At the hotel you can choose from rooms with your own bathroom or room with a shared batroom. You can also have access to a kitchen. Further information or bookings by calling +354 466-3395, on the hotel website or via e-mail, info@hoteldalvik.com.

2. Dalvík hostel is a local family business in Dalvík. There you can book rooms with a private or shared bathroom or a 107 years old renovated romantic house. 23 guests can stay in 7 rooms. They also offer a stay in three little cabins with a wc, max 3-4 people. They also offer access to a hot tub and a sauna. All further information by calling +354 699-6616 or via e-mail, vegamot@vegamot.net

3. Húsabakki guesthouse is a beautiful guesthouse in the heart of Svarfaðardalur valley. Very comfortable athmosphere and wonderful view. You can also find a camping area at this place. Further information by calling +354 859-7811 or via e-mail, husabakki@husabakki.is

4. Guesthouse Skeið is located in a quiet place deep in valley Svarfaðardalur, surrounded by mountains and 18 km away from town Dalvík. This is a specially good place for those who want calm and peace. In near surroundings you can find interesting walking trails, kayaking, horse riding, golf, ski resorts and many more. The camping site is accessible whole year round as long as weather conditions are acceptable. All further information by calling +354 866-7036 or via email info@skeid.net.

5. At Ytri-Vík cottages in Árskógsströnd you will find breathtaking view both into and out the fjord. For further information please contact Sporttours by calling +354 894-2967/+354 899-8000 or via e-mail, sporttours@sporttours.is. With Sporttours you can book your lodge or cabin and enjoy amazing tours in the area blended with Iceland's spectacular nature, relaxation in geothermal water, excellent food and good accommodation.

6. Syðri-Hagi offers accommodation in two peaceful and lovely summer cottages with ocean views. Located on the west side of Eyjafjörður, you can explore the majestic mountain ranges and welcoming valleys, either by car or on foot. In the early summer you can see the midnightsun and in the late summer you can go berry picking on the farms land. In the winter time it is possible to see the northern lights. There are also many good skiing areas whithin easy reach. Syðri-Hagi is located about 15 km from Dalvík and 30 km from Akureyri. All further information by calling +354 8667968 / +354 8419048 or via email sydrihagi@sydrihagi.

7. Dalvík Campsite is based to the left when you enter Dalvík. At the camp site there is hot and cold running water, 2 showers and toilets, electricity as well as facilities to wash the dishes. Further information by calling +354 625-4775.

8. Camping site at Hauganes is just beside the hot tubs by the ocean. At the camp site there is hot and cold running water, shower and toilets, electricity and just a few steps from the Baccalá bar. Breathtaking views. All further information at Baccalá bar or by calling +354 620-1035.

Community Halls - perfect for big meetings and family gathering

 1. Félagsheimilið Rimar is placed next to Húsabakki guesthouse in Svarfaðardalur. All further information about Rimar in +354 859-7811.

2. Árskógur community hall is placed nearby the corner of the Route before you turn right to Hauganes. All further information about Árskógur in +354 861-8865 or via e-mail jona@dalvikurbyggd.is

These two places are the perfect locations for example family reunions, weddings or other celebrations.  


 1. Our golf-course in Svarfaðardalur valley is named Arnarholtsvöllur. This is a hidden pearl in the golfcourse-culture in Iceland. There you can rent all equipment needed and play 9 holes in the spectacular view of Svarfaðardalur valley. You will find all further information on the website of Hamar Golf club


 1. In Dalvíkurbyggð we have a lot of very nice hiking routes. Since Dalvíkurbyggð is placed on the Troll Peninsula, which is the largest joint mountain area in Iceland, there are many mountains for you to climb.  We have hiking routes for the beginners and the experts. Here you will find a map of possible hiking routes in the area.

Horseback riding

 1. Tvistur horse rental offers you shorter and longer riding tours in the beautiful nature of the valley Svarfaðardalur, for all kinds of groups.  You can order trips and have more information by calling +354 861-9631 or via e-mail ebu@ismennt.is


 1. Library of Dalvikurbyggd is located in Berg cultural house in the center of Dalvik. There you can sit down with a good book and a coffee cup. It is also a perfect scenario for children, who like to play, color, do a puzzle and a lot of other things.  

2. Our Heritage Museum is located in Hvoll. The museum is with many and varied beautiful features for the whole family to experience.

Opening hours in the summer (1st of June - 30th of August)
Everyday between 10:00am - 17:00pm

We highly recommend a trip to the Heritage museum. Further information by calling 460-4928 

Restaurants and Coffee shops

 1. Á Gregor's is a restaurant/bar in the center of Dalvík. Very cozy place opposite the culture and information center Berg where you can get fresh local food every day during the summer. There you can try the taste of Iceland for fresh fish and Icelandic lamb is the chef's specialty.   All further information by calling +354 847-8846 and on their Facebook-page.

2.  At Baccalá bar you can sit down in a lovely and relaxing environment and enjoy some savoury fish soup, delicious meals or a sip coffee with delicious pastries. Very cozy place by the sea. All further information for example about the menu or table orders you get by calling +354 620-1035 or on their Facebook-page.

3. Böggvisbrauð café is a new french café located in Berg cultural house. There you can get soudough bread that is local made by the owners of the café, light meals for lunch and other french goodies. Further information by calling 692-4754.

4. Kaffihús Bakkabræðra - Gísli, Eiríkur, Helgi is placed in Dalvík. They offer loaded fishsoup and salad every day with homemade bread from the local beer Kaldi. You can also enjoy sitting outside with a good cup of coffee and a slice of delicious cake. Further information by calling +354 666-3399

5. At the BeerSpa you will also find a restaurant in the unique view of the fjord, Eyjafjörður. They offer a variety of dishes in a cozy atmosphere. All further information by calling +354 414-2828 and via e-mail bjorbodin@bjorbodin.is

6. Norður restaurant is placed in Dalvík. There you will find variety of dishes, from salads to fish/meat courses. They also have great tasting pizzas. For further information about opening hours, table reservation or restaurant menu please call +354 466-1224 or contact nordur@blagryti.is

7. Lovers of good food will want to go to Vellir for a delicious treat! Organic homegrown ingredients are used in exciting gourmet products that have been picked, dried, salted, and even smoked such as cheeses, birds, and fish. This charming farm shop is situated in the idyllic setting of sustainable farmland up north in Svarfaðardalur. This shop is absolutely worth a special trip! Further information by calling +354 822-8844 or via e-mail sb@vellir.is

Swimming pool and nature baths

 1. Dalvíkurbyggð runs a swimming pool and a gym. The sports center is placed in Dalvík. It is a perfect place to go for those who need good gym time, for the swimmers and even for the relaxers who will just enjoy the good hot tubs in the fantastic view up to the mountains and into the valley.

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 06.15-20.00
Friday: 06.15-19.00
Weekends: 09.00-17.00

2. The hot tubs in Sandvíkurfjara at Hauganes are perfectly placed by the sea. Giving you the possibility of going for a swim in the ocean but also to enjoy the natural hot water in the hot tubs. Near the hot tubs they have a changing area and a toilet near the camp-site.


 1. The skiing area in Dalvíkurbyggd is the placed closest to the sea in the world and therefor unique worldwide. The views from Böggvistaðafjall mountain is dreamy and it is so easy to spend a wole day at the area in the wintertime. All gear is available for rent and further information you will find at their website.

2. Arctic heliskiing specialize in custom made exploratory Helicopter skiing adventures in Iceland and Greenland where they invite you to join them for a grand adventure of first descents, Northern Lights and skiing all the way down to the ocean, basking in the rays of the midnight sun. They operate on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland and on the East Coast of Greenland. With over 20 years of experience guiding ski touring groups in the area in 2008 they extended their program to Heli Skiing, becoming the first heli ski operation in Iceland.

Whale watching

 In Eyjafjörður fjord you have a very good possibility of spotting a whale and in Dalvíkurbyggð you can choose between two companies that specialize in whale watching. 

1. In Dalvík you will find the Whale watching company Arctic Adventures. They offer rides on oak boats (3 hour tours) and rides on a RHIB boat (1,5 hours tour). All further information and bookings on their webpage, by calling +354 771-7600  or via e-mail arcticseatours@adventures.is

2. In Hauganes you will find the oldest running whale watching company in Iceland, Whales Hauganes, formed in 1993. They offer oakboat rides from the village of Hauganes. All further information on their webpage, by calling +354 867-0000 or via e-mail whales@whales.is

Beer Bath and Beer Brewery

1.  The Beer spa is placed in Árskógssandur. There you can pamper yourself by going to the beer bath and spa or by enjoying the outside hot tubs in the spectacular view in and out the fjord. All further information are available by calling +354 414 2828 or via e-mail, bjorbodin@bjorbodin.is 

2. At Kaldi brewery you’ll have a walkthrough the brewery, hear the story and you get to taste their variation of beers. To book a tour you can fill out a form here and they will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call +354 466-2505 or send an e-mail to bruggsmidjan@bruggsmidjan.is

Other information

 The information center in Dalvíkurbyggð is placed in Berg culture house. If you want further information about something specific or if you find somethings missing from this post, please contact the information center. 

If you need to see a doctor or a nurse while you are here, please contact +354 432 4400  - but in case of emergency please contact 112

Dalvíkurbyggð welcomes you and hope you will enjoy the stay in our beautiful views in and out the fjord
...because Dalvíkurbyggð is spectacular every season!