The BIRDLAND exhibition!

The exhibition Birdland is at Húsabakki in Svarfaðardalur. (next town Dalvík, 50 km north of Akureyri) see map

The exhibition presents birds in Icelandic nature and culture in a novel and creative manner. The exhibition focuses on the needs of children, but is also of significant interest to adults. This is where play and study go hand in hand. Many exhibition objects can be handled, and it is possible to carry out simple experiments. The presentation of the exhibition deliberately avoids the scientific taxonomy and solemnity which often characterises nature exhibitions and museums. The exhibition comprises science, folklore and superstition relating to Icelandic birds, and features some surprising phenomena. It can be said for sure that BIRDLAND is an exhibition, where birds finally "come out of the closet".

There are attractive walking routes from Húsabakki and Dalvík around the Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve with placards and bird observation points.

Open in summer 12-17 and in winter by arrangement.

Reservation phones for groups are: 466 1551 or 861 8884

An attractive, informative and innovative exhibition for ornithologists of all ages.